What We Offer

Tax Return Preparation

Preparing tax returns is only a small fraction of the work that we perform for our clients. Working with Somnium Solution will help you team with Certified Public Accountants who are committed to a lifetime of continuous learning and increasing our knowledge and expertise in financial strategies and tax laws. This level of commitment and dedication to continuous learning enables us to serve our clients with the utmost care and efficiency by helping you minimize your taxes, maximize your cash flow and financial wealth, while remaining compliant with all governing tax authorities. The bottom line is that you will have peace of mind knowing that your tax returns are prepared in an accurate and professional manner and that we are here to help you achieve your financial dreams.

Quickbooks ProAdvisor Resource

As QuickBooks ProAdvisors we help our clients understand and get the most out of their QuickBooks software. We help them by setting up QuickBooks for their business, educate them on the basic functions of the software, assist with payroll and perform periodic reviews of their financial operations. We are able to provide these services in a convenient manner by working at our client’s office or by logging into their QuickBooks software through a remote login.

Financial Statements

Knowing how to generate income and produce your product or service is important, but doing this without knowing whether or not your business is profitable or has sufficient cash flow is extremely dangerous to you as the business owner. Financial statements prepared in a timely and accurate manner is crucial for tracking the financial health of your business. They help you set goals, measure the profitability and track the cash flow of your business. At Somnium Solution, financial statements prepared on a monthly or quarterly provide our clients with peace of mind and help them achieve their dreams. Their peace of mind comes from knowing that their bank accounts are properly reconciled, all assets and liabilities are recorded and the business’s operating performance is accurately reported in their financial statements. The financial statements are then used to help our clients monitor their profitability, obtain necessary bank and capital financing, and make sound business decisions, leading them to achieve their business and financial dreams.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is the art of arranging your business and personal affairs to help defer or minimize taxes by taking advantage of beneficial provisions located in the tax laws. By developing and employing effective and efficient tax planning strategies, you can successfully defer some taxes by increasing and accelerating tax deductions and tax credits, and maximizing all applicable breaks available within the Internal Revenue Code. Taking the time for timely and effective tax planning will help to increase the cash flow of the business thereby permitting more money to be saved, invested or allocated for capital improvements.